Officer Responsibilities – Chapter Secretary

1. Serve as a member of the Chapter Executive Council.

2. Record, transcribe and deliver to the Chapter President the official minutes of every regularly scheduled or special meeting.

3. Maintain an official Minutes Book (either on paper or in an electronic format) containing copies of all meeting minutes.

4. Complete the chapter Annual Activity Plan and Semi‐Annual Activity Report based on input from other chapter officers and, submit it to the Chapter President in time to allow it to be submitted to the State President in accordance with the established schedule.

5. Receive and acknowledge all official unit correspondence; maintain liaison with the Chapter President on all correspondence, initiate correspondence when requested to do so by the Chapter President or Vice President.

6. Serve as Chairman of the Chapter Constitution Committee if one is formed. Maintain the Chapter Constitution, ensuring that all necessary revisions are properly made in order to keep the Constitution in accord with the State Constitution and National Constitution.

7. Maintain the chapter files.

8. Ensure the completion and submission of the Chapter Officer Roster following the annual elections. This must be completed annually (even when there is no change in officers) and transmitted through the State and Region President. It must be submitted to by October 31 and updated when changes occur during the year.