Chapter President

1. Serve as Chairman of the Chapter Executive Council.

2. Preside at every regularly scheduled meeting or special meeting of the chapter or ensure that the chapter Vice President or another chapter officer does so.

3. Represent the chapter in all community functions in which it is invited to participate or ensure that the Chapter Vice President or another chapter officer is does so.

4. Represent the chapter at all state, regional and national meetings (including Conventions), or ensure that the Chapter Vice President, or another chapter officer or member is available to do so; and ensure that such officer or member is properly appointed and given proper credentials.

5. Maintain proper liaison with other chapters in the state, with the State President, the Region President and with AFA National.

6. Receive all pertinent communications from the state organization, AFA National staff and national officers, and take appropriate action.

7. Require the completion of appropriate rosters, annual plans and semi‐annual reports from the Secretary and Treasurer and approve all reports in the Field Portal.

8. Require that an IRS Form 990 or 990‐N (see Chapter 10) is filed with the Internal Revenue Service annually and that a copy of this form is sent to AFA National.

9. Monitor and oversee completion of recommended Field Leader training modules, as described in Chapter 13, for all chapter officers.

10. Ensure that the National Directors in the chapter area, the Region President and the State President are invited to chapter programs and functions when appropriate. These are the chapter’s contact with the policy making level of AFA.

11. Appoint other chapter officers as required to assist in operating the chapter.

12. Ensure timely submission of nominations for AFA individual and chapter awards as well as for regional, state or chapter awards if such programs exist.

13. Conduct a Chapter Teacher of the Year program each year.

14. Establish contact with any Congressional Representatives from the chapter area and members of their staff, through their local offices. Discuss AFA’s mission and the local chapter’s role in the community. Offer and encourage the Member to accept a complimentary AFA membership. They should be invited to participate in local chapter activities.

15. Establish chapter committees to assist carrying out chapter functions and activities.

16. Mentor chapter officers and future leaders through participation in AFA national, regional and state leadership training sessions.

17. Accomplish the program or activity goals established by the chapter in the annual activity plan.

18. Communicate with all members in the chapter quarterly. If your chapter produces a newsletter, ensure that a copy is sent to Field Operations directly at the time is published.